Cost Effective Petroleum Solutions for Project Managers

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Reliable & Affordable Petroleum Products for Any Project

As a Project Manager you have the great responsibility of juggling many duties on the jobsite. Managing people, equipment, regulatory restrictions and resource allocation can all effect your timeline and budget.

When you partner with Ramos Oil you can rest assured we will work with you to optimize your fuel and other petroleum product needs. We have coordinated with project managers just like you to get the right products, at the right time, at the right price.

Keeping Your Project On Track & On Budget

With so many responsibilities to manage, you can rest assured Ramos Oil will have the petroleum resources you need, when you need them.

Ramos Oil can help you coordinate the onsite delivery of Bulk Fuel, DEF, Lubricants, Loaned Petroleum Equipment, and Fleet Fueling.

Optimize Your Project Management Today

Fuel Costs Can Highly Impact Your Budget

Next to labor costs, fuel can be one of the largest cost investments for a project. By working with the highly trained team at Ramos Oil you can find ways to mitigate the huge impact of fuel costs.

Our team works with you to achieve peak operational efficiency by forecasting fuel needs. This allows you to reduce costly downtime and strategically make fuel purchases when the price of fuel is at a low point.

“Serving us, the railroad, for over 21 years! They provide fuel for all our locomotives spread out over 250 miles. They also provide lube oil for our trains and environmental services. They are #1 in customer service and we have a great relationship with them!”

California Northern Railroad

Proven Petroleum Strategies You Can Count On

Our proven Petroleum Strategies have helped Project Managers just like you take control of their project timelines and budgets!

Find Out How Our Petroleum Solutions Can Benefit Your Project Management