Marine Fuels

Ramos Oil supplies the marine industry with a wide variety of high quality marine fuels and lubricants to customers at ports throughout California. We make sure your vessel gets the fuel it needs in a safe and timely manner with our flexible fueling time to keep you on schedule.

We can deliver ULSD #2 Diesel, Marine Diesel, or Unleaded Gasoline directly to your vessel depending on your needs. Our delivery teams are US Coast Guard Certified for Over-The-Water fuel transfers and provide an emergency response deployment vehicle on site with every delivery.

Marine fuels and over the water fueling/bunkering - Ramos Oil

Ramos Oil has the right product for you at the right price. Contact us to find out more about our Marine fuel products and Over the Water Fueling services.

Emergency Situations

We provide emergency assistance for delivery of all our products including emergency environmental response, cleanup and waste removal. Our knowledge and extensive inventory of products combined with our hundreds of personnel and vehicles allow for service on demand, now, when you need it most!

If you are in an emergency situation regarding fuel please contact our office at 916-371-6495 or 916-371-2570. Please leave a detailed message and you will receive a call back shortly.