Accessing Your Ramos Oil CFN Account 24/7

Accessing your Ramos Oil Cardlock Solution CFN Account is quick and easy through the online account portal. Our expert CFN Customer Service Specialists have created a guide to show you exactly how to access your account and how to use some of the useful features once you are logged in.

If you are new to the CFN login, you will first need one of our friendly customer service specialists to set up your account. If you are not sure an account has already been set up, or you are having difficulty logging in, please call customer service at 916-371-2570.

Guide to Accessing Your CFN Account Online

Hover over the slideshow and click the arrows to navigate through the tutorial slides.

When you need a reliable Cardlock Fueling partner to keep your fleet fueled and moving, you need the Ramos Oil Carlock Fueling Solution! Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to easily guide you during the whole process; from gathering the required documents to apply for an account to setting up your online access and explaining the convenient features.

Get started today by visiting our Cardlock Apply Now page or by giving us a call at 916-371-2570.