High Quality Cost-Effective Fuel Solutions for Government Agencies

Government Agencies need to locate the most cost-effective and reliable solution for their petroleum-based products. From fuel and lubricants to hydraulic fluids and environmental services, Ramos Oil creates solutions to help meet your needs and stay under budget.

When you choose to partner with Ramos Oil, we promise is to go above and beyond the typical need for fuel and lubricants. We build long lasting partnerships with Government Agencies of all shapes and sizes by understanding their unique needs and goals.

Let us help you find the correct products for your needs. ‘Keep full’ fuel programs, oil analysis, specialty lubricants to help reduce costly downtime.

A photo of the California State Capitol building with the California flag flying beside it.

“The service is wonderful! My shop mechanics never have any complaints.”

Becky Orobani

Vallejo Unified School District

Fuel Delivery and Storage Solutions for Government Agencies

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Federal, State, and Local Governments all trust Ramos Oil to provide them with the best solutions for their fuel needs. When you partner with Ramos Oil you can rest assured you will have the type of fuel you need when and where you need it.

No matter how your agency consumes fuel we have a solution for you including:

Lubrication & Fluid Solutions for Government Agencies

Keeping your vehicles and equipment properly maintained not only extends their life span but reduces the chance of costly breakdowns. We can provide you with a onetime delivery of needed products, or regular delivery and monitoring of more consistently used products.

All your maintenance supplies are only a call away. From oil and filters to greases and hydraulic fluid, you can always count on Ramos Oil to deliver the right product at the right time and price.

When it comes to Government Agencies, you demand a trust worthy and reliable petroleum solution at the lowest possible price. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable experts create strategies and answer requests for proposals and offers for Federal, State, and Local Governments. Contact our sales team today to learn how Ramos Oil can go to work for you.