Trusted Fuel & Lubricant Partner for Farming and Agriculture

The agriculture industry always has been, and continues to be, a huge part of California’s landscape and economy. Americans have always relied on our great farmers, and for generations farmers have relied on Ramos Oil.

No matter if you farm crops, livestock, or both Ramos Oil has partnered with farmers of all sizes and shapes to deliver fuel, lubricants, and additives to keep them moving and growing.

Photo of a farming tractor fueled by Ramos Oil Company

“Always reliable, always on time, never surprised!”

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Fuel Transport, Delivery, and Storage Solutions

Keeping your machinery fueled keeps your farm moving. Our knowledgeable sales team works with you to understand your unique fueling needs. We create a schedule to deliver fuel directly to storage tanks on your farm.

If you are just beginning with bulk fuel delivery, our team can provide all the information you will need to make a knowledgeable decision on your fuel storage needs.

When a temporary storage solution is the best option, like during the harvest season, Ramos Oil has one of the most customer-friendly equipment loan programs in the industry.

Start Optimizing You Agriculture Fueling Needs

Agriculture Equipment Lubricants, Additives, & Solvents

Keeping your agriculture equipment properly maintained not only extends its life but reduces costly downtime due to repairs from neglect. Ramos Oil has the high-quality and eco-friendly lubricants and solvents you need to keep your equipment functioning at the highest level.

A larger percentage of farming machinery now requires Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). We have Bulk DEF delivery and storage solutions that are tailored to your farms needs.

Petroleum Solutions We Provide Farmers

You need a trusted & reliable partner for your agriculture petroleum needs. Ramos Oils has helped generations of California farmers optimizes their fuel and lubricant delivery needs. Contact our knowledgeable staff today to see how we can help reduce your bottom line and increase productivity!