Trusted & Reliable Petroleum Products for Construction & Mining

As the backbone of America’s infrastructure, the construction and mining industries are literally what builds this country.

For over 65 years Ramos Oil has partnered with construction and mining firms of all sizes to provide the fuel, lubricant, and grease they need to meet their demanding schedules and budgets. We have a unique understanding of these important industries and are proud to carry the high-quality products that keep construction and mining businesses running smoothly.

A photo of two heavy-duty construction trucks on a construction site.
“We can always count on Ramos Oil. Anytime we need them, they’re right there with product and service. They always keep us informed on changes that may occur and we appreciate their friendly staff. Great customer service is important to us and they always provide it!”
Elk Grove Honda

Understanding Your Needs

At Ramos Oil we understand the unique pressures of the construction and mining industries. Companies must meet tight timelines, stay on top of codes and regulations, and maintain machinery – all while staying on tight budgets. Our staff is here to provide logistical knowledge and strategic partnership to keep construction and mining companies running smoothly.

We deliver the petroleum products your team needs, wherever and whenever they need them. Our experienced team will work with you to identify the products you need to reduce downtime and increase efficiency, while keeping in mind any budget constraints you may have.

Solutions for Your Construction & Mining Projects Needs

Construction and Mining projects require collaboration between multiple levels of stakeholders. Luckily Ramos Oil has a knowledgeable team of petroleum experts that will collaborate with managers, foremen, engineers, and owners to develop a petroleum strategy that meets your needs.

No matter the type of project you are managing, we have the fuel, lubrication, and environmental services to keep your project on time and under budget including:

Get the Fuel, Lubricants, and Oils your project needs, whenever and wherever you need it. Ramos Oil is your trusted petroleum partner. Contact our knowledgeable team to develop the best strategy for your project today.