Premium Passenger Car Motor Oil

Are you in search of a trusted Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) that will reduce friction and overheating? Look no further! Ramos Oil offers multiple lines of PCMO that will address all your PCMO needs.

Passenger Car Motor Oil, which many refer to as the “lifeblood” of an engine, is a lubricant created from base oils (mineral and/or synthetic) and is used to reduce the detrimental effects of friction and heat created inside internal combustion engines. PCMO ensures that moving parts are not starved of lubrication.

Ramos Oil offers a wide variety of protection and endurance PCMO products, from 0W20 to 15W40. These products can be delivered in sizes ranging from quart cases to bulk! We also provide other necessities from your vehicle, including certified ​hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, power steering/brake fluids, solvents, greases, and more.

Photo of a car that needs passenger car motor oil.
“We can’t afford to lose production time from unnecessary repairs. Ramos Oil analyzes our oils to keep us running with minimal downtown.”
Juan C

Plant Manager

High-Quality Oils Extend Engine Life & Minimize Downtime

Passenger Car Motor Oil poured into a car engine
PCMO naturally deteriorates over time which begins to compromise the effective composition of your engine’s oil.

Ramos Oil’s PCMO allows engine components to move more freely and smoothly, which leads to greater efficiency. This ensures more power for your engine, with less energy waste and decreased wear and tear on engine parts.

Our PCMO contains performance additives that help reduce oxidation, neutralize acids, prevent rust and corrosion, condition seals, save fuel, and keep your engine clean. These additives can extend oil life and drain intervals.

Ramos Oil is here to help you get your hands on the best PCMO for your automotive.

Passenger Car Motor Oil Brands We Provide