Rail Industry Fuels and Lubricants that are Proven & Reliable

Railroads are the backbone of America. Locomotives power America’s economy by safely and efficiently transporting commodities including food, forest products, chemicals, coal, and much more.

Because of the high demands of the railroad industry it is important that the required fuel and lubricants are available whenever and wherever engines need them. At Ramos Oil we are aware of these unique requirements and our team works around the clock to keep our railroad clients running smoothly.

Need us to meet you somewhere for a top off? Have an emergency fueling situation? No problem. Ramos Oil fuel technicians are on-time, efficient, and ready to help. 

Photo of men using rail lubricants on a locomotive.
“Ramos Oil has served us, the railroad, for over 21 years! They provide fuel for all our locomotives spread out over 250 miles. They also provide lube oil for our trains and environmental services. They are #1 in customer service and we have a great relationship with them!”

California Northern Railroad

Understanding Your Needs

At Ramos Oil, we understand how important it is to keep a business running smoothly, without any delays. Locomotives operate for long periods of time which requires a well-maintained system to prevent deterioration.

A routine application of lubricating is highly encouraged to increase the life expectancy of railroads. Having a lubrication rail routine also reduces the annual cost of fuel and operations.

Let us show you how oil analysis can prevent costly engine issues and downtime. Our team of lube technicians is available 24-7 to answer any of your questions.

Reduce running costs and prolong the life span of your railroads with Ramos Oil fuel and lubricants! Contact us today!

We Provide the Rail Industry with Rail Solutions

We offer a wide range of services for the Railroad Industry that are cost-effective and prolongs life.

Have a question about renewable diesel? Discover how this environmentally friendly product can help keep your engines and the environment clean and green. 

Our rail industry clients can rest assured that we are dedicated to offering industry-leading solutions that can be applied in any harsh conditions. We are certified to deliver products directly to you, including: