Cardlock Fueling and Full Service Locations

Looking for a reliable and affordable solution for your fleet fueling, commercial bulk fuels, lubricant, and additive needs for your business in Northern California and Northern Nevada?

The Ramos Oil Company has been providing companies just like yours fuel for their fleets and equipment for 70 years.

Photo of a Ramos Oil Cardlock Fueling location

24/7/365 Ramos Oil CFN Locations

In addition to the thousands of cardlock (CFN) locations available with Ramos Oil Commercial Cardlock Fueling Accounts, we are proud to own and operate 26 Ramos Oil Commercial Fueling Locations.

All of our cardlock locations are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Each station has a combination of fuels, additives, and oils available when you need them no matter the time of day. From different grades of unleaded and diesel fuels to motor oils and diesel exhaust fluid, we stand by our desire to keep your business moving all day, every day.

Full Service Ramos Oil Store Locations

When you need Fuel, Oils, and Additives to keep your business moving you can count on Ramos Oil. Our full-service Ramos Oil Company stores carry many of our most in demand and popular products on site. Additional products can be special ordered to meet your needs.