What is Cardlock Fueling?

Cardlock fueling is a commercial fleet fueling solution that allows you to take control of your fleet by effectively monitoring and managing your fleet’s fuel expenditures.

Ramos Oil takes it a step further, offering Ramos Cardlock Fueling Cards that enable you to set specific purchase controls, including time, location, and the amount of fuel purchased at our Cardlock Fueling Stations.

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Ramos Oil Cardlock Card

How Are Cardlock Fueling Stations Different Than Retail Gas Stations?

Ramos Cardlock fueling stations are designed for large commercial vehicles with more space and easy access for drivers.

The commercial fueling network is completely automated and unmanned, granting you and your drivers access to a cardlock fueling station 24/7/365. Because these stations are only available to commercial customers, there is significantly less wait time at the pump.

Are Cardlock Fuel Prices Cheaper Than Truck Stops?

Cardlock locations are more cost-effective overall than retail stations found along major highways. The fuel costs are lower than retail gas stations because prices are based on wholesale fuel costs.

Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) locations offer direct and immediate discounts on fuel. Though CFN fuel prices vary by date and location, a review of the averages near you will give you an idea of what you’ll pay at the gas pump.

An added cost-saving advantage of cardlock fueling is the time saved compared to a retail gas station.

For example, during peak fueling times, drivers with a 20-gallon tank may wait 10-15 minutes in line and then spend an additional 10 minutes paying for fuel and filling their tank.

The average fueling time for most vehicles at cardlock stations is about 5 minutes.

Carlock fueling allows you to save money at the pump and with your payroll.

Save time and money today by enrolling in Ramos Oil’s cardlock fueling.

Cardlock Fuel Cards Have Product Controls

Cardlock fuel cards can be set to purchase diesel or gas only, depending on your fleet, compared to retail fuel cards with zero product controls.

Cardlock fuel cards have gallon transaction limits, saving you time closely monitoring fuel prices and adjusting retail fuel card purchase amounts.

What Fuel Types Does Ramos’ CFN Have?

While fuel availability varies at our 26 commercial fuel locations in Northern California and Nevada, your drivers can expect to find:

  • Unleaded Gasoline 87/89/91
  • Clear and Red Diesel Fuels
  • Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF)

For a complete listing of the fuels and additives available at each location, visit our Locations Page.

Additionally, your fleet will have nationwide access to 55,000 CFN locations and more than 180,000 Pacific Pride Network and Wright Express locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

How Ramos Oil Can Meet Your Cardlock Fueling Needs

When you apply for a Ramos Cardlock Account, you’ll receive your cards within 5-7 business days.

Whether you have a few drivers or an entire fleet of commercial vehicles, we have cardlock options that meet your operation.

You can assign each card to a specific driver or a specific vehicle to monitor your fleet’s fuel purchases.

Best yet, Ramos Oil does not charge a monthly or annual card or service fee.

Our sales team will help you find the best cardlock solution for your fleet.