Should Your Fleet Consider Bulk Fueling?

If you’re looking to streamline your commercial fueling operations and add some predictability to your fleet’s fuel costs, then you may want to consider bulk fueling delivery.

Bulk fueling or bulk fuel delivery is a contract with a petroleum provider that supplies you with one source for all your fueling needs.

As fuel costs remain volatile with price hikes due to foreign production and current events, it’s important to consider options that stabilize that expense.

Ramos Oil provides bulk fuel delivery to construction sites, agricultural facilities, first responders, and more.

It can take employees up to 25 minutes to fill up at retail gas stations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics. Those 25 minutes can add up and decrease your workforce’s productivity.

But with bulk fuel delivery to your job site, you’ll be able to fill your trucks and other vehicles without delay.

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The Benefits of Bulk Fuel Delivery

Avoiding Inefficiency & Overtime

If your workers are stuck at the pumps waiting for gasoline or diesel fuel, it can throw off your entire job site schedule.

Depending on the delay, you may end up paying overtime to ensure all your customers are serviced.

With the delivery of safe ground fuel tanks and proper fueling equipment, your employees can fill up at the job site, increasing efficiency.

Ensure Fuel Quality

According to AAA, poor fuel quality results in 19 times more engine deposits, leading to decreased performance, lower fuel economy, and more carbon emissions.

Ramos Oil offers top-tier gasoline, diesel fuel, and diesel fuel alternatives that stave off the high vehicle maintenance costs associated with poor fuel quality.

If your employees are filling your tanks at the nearest gas station, you can’t monitor the fuel quality in the same manner as bulk fuel delivery.

Cost Control

Bulk buying provides the best pricing on gas, diesel fuel, and diesel fuel alternatives. When you contract with Ramos Oil for regular deliveries, we can lock you into the best rates, protecting against price fluctuations.

Learn more about the benefits of bulk fuel delivery today.

Choose Ramos Oil For Your Bulk Fuel Delivery Needs

With 70 years in the petroleum and transportation fuels industry, you can trust that the Ramos Oil Company has the expertise to help. Whether it’s a fleet or one truck, our staff will guide you through the process of switching to alternative fuels.

We follow the six values and characteristics instilled in our company by founder Bill Ramos: hard work, kindness, compassion, generosity, unconditional love, and gratitude.

We provide our partners with the highest quality petroleum products and services to keep businesses moving and growing.