Renewable Diesel Fuel

Ramos Oil is the leading provider of high-quality petroleum products in Northern California. Renewable diesel provides short-term and long-term benefits for your fleet of vehicles. With the help of Ramos Oil, we can move you away from diesel fuels, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and save you money.

What is Renewable Diesel?

Renewable diesel is a direct substitute for petroleum-based diesel fuel refined from lower carbon and renewable resources, such as vegetable oils, natural fats, animal fats, and agricultural waste.

Renewable diesel is often confused with bio-diesel. While both stem from renewable resources, bio-fuel is blended with petroleum fuels. Renewable diesel is processed similarly to petroleum diesel and has a similar, but superior performing, makeup.

Previously known as green diesel, renewable diesel meets the ASTM D975 specification for petroleum in the U.S. Five plants produce renewable diesel in the United States, with a combined capacity of more than 590 million gallons per year.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. consumed over 960 million gallons of renewable diesel in 2020.

Fleet of diesel trucks

Reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint and comply with California Air Resources Board regulations

What are the benefits of Renewable Diesel?

Ease of Use

Renewable diesel is considered a drop-in replacement for traditional diesel and bio diesel because of its production process and its chemical similarities to diesel fuel.

Regular diesel facilities can produce renewable diesel, fleets can use it in regular diesel engines, and transported and dispensed within the same petroleum diesel fuel network. Allow fueling experts like Ramos Oil to convert your fleet practically overnight.


Unlike bio-diesel blends where oxygen is introduced into the field, which can cause algae growth and other cultures that damage filters and fuel lines, renewable diesel has no adverse effects on vehicle performance.

Major Northern California cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, and delivery companies like UPS have switched to renewable diesel fuel. Their fleet managers report that they have not experienced any loss of power or decrease in miles per gallon performance.

Cleaner Burning

Due to renewable diesel production using low carbon materials like waste agricultural oils and fats treated through a process called hydro-treating, it burns much cleaner than conventional diesel fuel.

Once refined, it delivers up to 80 percent lower lifecycle emissions compared to petroleum diesel, or about an 85 percent per gallon in carbon emissions.

Long-Term Cost Competitive

For California fleets, the cost of renewable diesel is comparable to ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) and bio-diesel. The state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard reduces the expense.

The per-gallon cost of renewable fuel is about 15 cents higher than other diesel options. Still, when you consider diminished greenhouse gas emissions and lower maintenance costs, renewable diesel could save you more money in the long term.

Learn more about the benefits of switching your fleet to renewable diesel.

Choose Ramos Oil For Your Renewable Diesel

With 70 years in the petroleum and transportation fuels industry, you can trust that the Ramos Oil Company has the expertise to help. Whether it’s a fleet or one diesel truck, our staff will guide you through the process of switching to alternative fuels.

We follow the six values and characteristics instilled in our company by founder Bill Ramos: hard work, kindness, compassion, generosity, unconditional love, and gratitude.

We provide our partners with the highest quality petroleum products and services to keep businesses moving and growing.