Ramos Oil Fuels Camp Fire Emergency Vehicles

As the flames from the Camp Fire began in Butte County early November, our team of emergency fuel responders began to prepare for the call we hoped would not be needed. Within hours of the fire first being reported and burning at uncontrollable rates, we received a call requesting fueling reinforcements for the first responder vehicles.

JR Stoker, a Ramos Oil Service Representative and former fuel delivery driver, quickly jumped into action and headed to Paradise, CA with a truck of fuel for the firefighting efforts. As the first distributor called to provide refueling services, Stoker drove through areas being consumed by the blaze before setting up a fueling station in Paradise.

An American Flag hangs at the remains of a building destroyed by the Camp Fire.

“We find it humbling to serve our community, especially in times of dire need such as during the Paradise fire. Our company is honored to be considered as a resource to be a part of the solution. Our hearts go out to the victims of the fires.”

Chris Anderson, Sales Manager

As more emergency vehicles arrived to combat the fire, we began to send additional trucks loaded with fuel to the refueling station every hour.

Due to the rapidly moving flames, Stoker was informed the station would need to be moved to a location for the safety of the first responders and our team. A new location was identified that would allow convenient refueling station while keeping everyone safe.

For over 20 hours, Stoker manned the fueling station without break, coordinating the fueling of emergency vehicles and the reinforcement deliveries from our facilities. His dedication to serving the community and doing anything he could to help in the efforts reflects the values Ramos Oil was built on.

“JR is one of our most reliable employees, he didn’t even blink an eye when he was asked to drive our fuel truck up to Paradise. His dedication and perseverance during this time is simply a portrayal of the Ramos Oil Company values at work. We’re proud of his commitment to serving his community and are honored to have him as one of our most reliable team members.”

Chris Anderson, Sales Manager

Logo from https://thankyoufirstresponder.org/ saying thank you to first responders with the words honor, courage, and sacrifice along the bottom.

For over 65 years Ramos Oil has been honored to call Northern California home. We have pride in our communities and are committed to giving back whenever possible.

Now that the flames have been eliminated thanks to the brave men and women from not only California Fire Teams, but from 16 additional states, we are able to begin rebuilding the communities affected.

From the beginning hours of the fire, we at Ramos Oil have been honored to provide resources for these brave men and women in their firefighting efforts. Now as the cleanup process begins, we are proud to be actively involved through our Ramos Environmental Services and Hazardous Waste Removal.

We continue to keep all those affected by the Camp Fire in our thoughts and prayers as we begin the process of healing and rebuilding our communities. Our sincere gratitude is not enough to thank the thousands a first responders and volunteers who bravely worked to ensure the safety of our neighbors.

We would also like to send a special thank you to JR Stoker and all of the Ramos Oil employees who helped us keep the emergency vehicles fueled during the firefighting efforts.