Ramos Oil’s Cardlock Fueling Services Provide Security and Convenience for All Your Fueling Needs

With Ramos Oil Cardlock Solution, you can now simplify all your fuel accounting into one easily managed account. Ramos Oil Company offers secure access to over 235,000 commercial fuel stations across the United States and Canada. This number includes 26 Ramos Oil cardlock locations, over 60,000 commercial fueling network locations (CFN), and additional access at over 175,000 fleetwide fueling locations.

For six decades, Ramos Oil has been powering fleets just like yours, ensuring our customers have full control over their fuel management. Continue reading to discover how Ramos Oil Cardlock Fueling Solutions can benefit your company.

Ramos Oil Company provides safety at cardlock fuel location.

Prevent fuel theft with Cardlock Network Solutions at Ramos Oil!

Safe, accessible, and convenient fueling stations

To ensure safety for all drivers, each fueling station is brightly lit with cameras monitoring them 24/7/365. These fuel stations are clean and designed for ease of access for larger commercial vehicles. The pumps are also a high flow rate, unlike traditional retail fuel stations, which leads to faster fueling time and reducing fleet downtime.

Consolidated billing for multiple networks

Ramos Oil provides a secure sign-in portal that is data encrypted. All of your fuel purchases are combined through a single purchasing account which provides you with a single bi-monthly expense report. Utilizing a single consolidated billing account decreases time spent auditing multiple accounts and reduces overall accounting costs.

Limit fueling card access to specific locations, zip codes, or regions

Ramos Oil Cardlock Solutions allows our customers to lock down card access to specific locations, zip codes, or regions. You can also control where and when your cards can be used. Real-time alerts quickly identify card misuse, and irregular transactions are removed via exemption reporting.

Comprehensive reporting for individual drivers, vehicles, or a full fleet

Ramos Oil Cardlock Solutions provides detailed invoicing which combines purchases from multiple drivers and vehicles across fueling networks. All of this information can be accessed through one secured account. On top of that, we deliver vital insights and analytics to help reduce costs. You will have 24-hour access to analyze information such as:

Date & Time of Purchase: Logs the date and time of each purchase

Vehicle: Allows you to see which driver is fueling which vehicle

Fueling Site: Reduce downtime by monitoring whether your drivers are using the most efficient fueling.

Manual Entry Options: Ability to code additional tracking information such as job number, profit center, and more.

Odometer Reading: Conveniently track current vehicle mileage for upcoming preventative maintenance needs.

Miles per Gallon: Get accurate insights into driver behaviors and potential mechanical issues.

Cost per Mile: Know precisely what your estimate fuel costs should be based on mileage.

Product Purchased: Easily monitor the type of fluid purchased, whether it be fuel, additives, or lubricants.

Breakdown of Taxes: Simplify your bookkeeping with itemized taxes.

Total Cost per Transaction: Monitor the total amount sent from each fuel transaction.

Average Price per Gallon: Forecast future cost based on previous fuel costs.