Ramos Oil Company’s 38th Annual Picnic

On Sunday, September 29th, 2019, we held our Annual Company Picnic at the Bastaio Farms in Sacramento! Every year we like to host our picnic in the Fall, when it’s not too hot and not too cold, and this year the weather was perfect for our families.

The Ramos Oil family hosts our annual picnic as a way to show appreciation to our employees in every division. We invited employees and their families to come enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon featuring entertainment and delicious catered food.

The fun included a bounce house, face painters, balloonists, corn mazes, pumpkins, and hayrides. At the end of the picnic, we raffled off $5,000 in prizes to further demonstrate our gratitude to our employees for all their hard work.

Photo of Ramos team celebrating at the picnic.

Drive into your future and join the Ramos Oil family!

Celebration of Company Service

The Ramos Oil picnic also gives us an opportunity to celebrate many employees’ milestone anniversaries with our company. We distributed awards to 21 team members, recognizing 5 to 40 years of service and commitment to Ramos Oil.

5 Years of Service

  • Abdul Alaoudi
  • Theresa Beyer
  • Loretta Menedez
  • Sharon Gray
  • Nicole L Besancon
  • Cory M Lewis
  • John Joseph Lavin
  • Charles D Ware
  • Thomas J Sturgeon

10 Years of Service

  • Daniel Martinez
  • Keith Kelbert Schroeder
  • Michael C. Branecki
  • Christopher J Nichols

15 Years of Service

  • Darrell Dannis Ogden
  • Robert Richter
  • Eleuterio Aspeitia

20 Years of Service

  • Joyce Lambert
  • Lester Gardiner

30 Years of Service

  • Lawrence Lake
  • Peter Charles Darrach Jr.

35 Years of Service

  • Dolores Adelt

40 Years of Service

  • Keith Beard
Photo of Dillon and family member at the picnic.

Thank you for celebrating with us!