Heavy Duty Equiment - Ramos Oil

You depend on heavy-duty engine oil to help extend the life of your engines, reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

We offer:

  • Heat transfer fluids, gear lubricants, compressor fluids, turbine fluids, natural gas engine oils and metal working fluids
  • Industrial oil testing (Oil Analysis)
    • Maximize equipment efficiency
    • Extended equipment life
    • Detect potential equipment failure
    • Extend drain lubricant drain intervals
    • Contaminant detection
    • Reduce equipment downtime
    • Effective maintenance scheduling
  • Ramos Oils technical experts can recommend the right products for any industrial application.

We also offer EQUIPMENT for our products as well as ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES for waste cleanup and removal

Ramos Oil has the right product for any application and offers free advising for your company. Call 1-800-477-7266